safe collection, transport and treatment to meet present and future needs

Wastewater is drinking, domestic or industrial water that has been used and altered in terms of its properties, constituents and therefore quality.
The correct disposal of wastewater is a vital precondition for maintaining basic standards of hygiene, to avoid disease and ensure a healthy environment.

Wastewater, which also includes run-off from hard surfaces, is collected and transported via mains drains, treated in clarification plants and subsequently discharged into lakes and rivers or other natural locations.

p2m berlin has the latest know-how on all aspects of wastewater disposal and has completed many large-scale wastewater and sludge treatment projects both in Germany and abroad.

A team of experts with experience in projects is at hand for planning and supervising the construction of wastewater systems. p2m berlin can also draw on the Berlinwasser Group network at any time, which represents a body of expert knowledge and Berliner Wasserbetriebe’s 150 years’ experience in the construction and operation of wastewater mains and facilities.

Wastewater facilities and mains systems