environmentally sound collection, treatment and management

Stormwater management projects

In order to provide solutions to one of the most central problems of environmental protection, p2m berlin's business activities comprise design, planning and implementation of projects aimed at

  • achieving and constantly improving water resources management in tune with the natural environment,
  • taking into account best business practice
  • and using the latest cost-saving technologies.


p2m berlin operates within these areas:

Stormwater drainage

  • Planning and supervision of new build and rehabilitation of stormwater management systems
  • Storage and overflow systems
  • Chambers, special construction projects, culverts, separating installations, sedimentation basins
  • Outlets
  • Design of rehabilitation projects
  • Planning, tender documentation and monitoring of mains system measurement and collection of data on inventories and status
  • Hydraulic calculations for existing networks
  • Installations for stormwater percolation (for instance troughs and ditches)
  • Designs for utilisation of stormwater and drainage overflow systems

Stormwater tanks

  • Construction planning and supervision including technical equipment installations
  • Stormwater reservoirs
  • Stormwater sedimentation tanks
  • Stormwater overflow tanks

Soil filtration plants

  • construction planning and supervision including technical installations
  • soil filtration plants, including the necessary installations for stormwater treatment such as machinery, electrical measuring, tax and regulatory and analytical technology
  • external installations with access routes, enclosures, planting and landscaping
Rainwater Treatment Plant Biesdorf
Artificial Lake

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Rainwater Treatment Plant Halensee
Artificial Lake