Project Management

Steering with timeliness and cost-effectiveness in mind

Beyond their specific targets, projects are defined to a large extent by costs, deadlines and quality requirements In contrast to standard or routine tasks, projects are generally highly complex and characterised by the need for interdisciplinary collaboration between relevant specialists in a time-constrained organisational environment. Because of this, projects run an increased risk in terms of the need to adhere to objectives. In order to meet objectives, efficient project management is vital.

Our experienced staff organises and supervises all project processes in collaboration with the client. Their job is to advise on, implement and supervise optimal solutions through to successful conclusion of the project work.

p2m berlin manages both public and private client projects

  • deploying highly qualified specialists at all levels
  • applying knowledge of project-specific methods and tools
  • with personal engagement and awareness of responsibility in adhering to the relevant project objectives
  • using wide knowledge and experience
  • in the interests of running the project efficiently and with a successful outcome in mind.
Cost planning and control
Scheduling and control
Project organisation and coordination/ Software development