Drinking Water

Sustainable and cost-effective sourcing, treatment and supply

Obtaining and supplying drinking water is an essential requirement and basic responsibility of our towns and districts.

The ability to provide acceptable drinking water in sufficient quantities is one of the main global challenges of the future.

In close collaboration with clients and authorities, p2m berlin develops innovative solutions for a reliable and at the same time cost-effective means of supplying drinking water.

A team of highly-qualified specialists works to this effect, deploying the latest scientific and technological know-how. Their combined years of experience go into the creation of successful and cost-conscious projects. When necessary, we can also call on the expertise of the Berlinwasser Group.

In particular, Berliner Wasserbetriebe’s 150-year long tradition of building and operating drinking water plants and systems is of particular value for our clients when it comes to delivering high-performing drinking water projects both at home and abroad.


Implementing water production, treatment and distribution projects

In the field of drinking water supply, p2m berlin’s engineering services deliver

  • at the highest level of technology
  • in an ecological manner
  • at an economical price


This entails:

  • the drafting of projects and methods
  • planning and tender procedures
  • feasibility studies
  • optimisation
  • mains models and simulation
  • supervision of construction
  • non-revenue water studies
Water collection

The first step here is assessment of resources.

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Water treatment

In order to provide good quality drinking water, treatment processes must be the best.

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Water distribution

The quality and efficiency of the water supply depends on high standards and performance of mains systems and pumping stations.

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