Detailed and dependable drafting and implementation

Infrastructure comprises the long-term basic facilities that enable a modern national economy to function. Quite literally, infrastructure underpins people’s co-existence and supplies society’s needs.

In view of the importance of these public and private facilities, it is a major part of p2m berlin’s company philosophy that all practicable demands should be met with the appropriate technical solutions. In performing its work, p2m berlin also strives to satisfy both economic and ecological considerations.


A comprehensive full-service product range allows handling of projects so that all services are performed by a single partner.

p2m berlin’s remit in the areas of services connections, mains network projects and the design of external facilities is to find long-term solutions to infrastructure challenges

  • with the best technical tools
  • with convincing results with regard to both cost-effectiveness and environment
  • mit einem umfassenden Full Service-Angebot zu gewährleisten
  • and assuring a complete range of services.


p2m berlin’s specific infrastructure provision:

of sites and commercial areas

Construction planning and supervision
for civil engineering projects and technical building services

Health and security coordination
Installations for supply and disposal of drinking water, waste water, rainwater and electricity, including the requisite engineering elements such as lifting systems, shafts, waste water purification plants, etc.

Planning and construction supervision of mains
in open and closed construction

Hydraulic measurements
for mains water supply and wastewater removal

Mains systems for wastewater disposal

  • planning and supervision of new building and rehabilitation works for sewage, rainwater and mixed water disposal
  • shaft and special construction projects such as siphons and separating installations
  • devising rehabilitation schemes using proven and innovative technologies
  • planning, tender documentation, and monitoring of mains system measurements and collection of data on inventories and conditions
  • hydraulic calculations and analysis for new and existing networks

External installations

  • surfacing of public thoroughfares
  • building of enclosures, zones and sites
  • laying of roadside green areas
Rehabilitation of the Technical Infra-structure
Bathing Beach Wannsee

Project reference (ca. 84 KB)

Replacement of Water Supply and Disposal Pipelines