Building Construction

Efficient planning and monitoring in the interests of the client

Building construction is an area of activity which requires mastery of the relevant engineering and technical disciplines. It also demands business management skills.

This combination is one of the strengths of p2m berlin’s project staff. A further advantage lies in p2m berlin’s association with the Berlinwasser Group and sister company Berliner Wasserbetriebe, with its 150-year-long tradition of activities in the water industry. These links bring p2m berlin a wealth of planning and operational expertise, especially in the area of service systems.

The team of highly skilled architects, civil engineers, landscape planners, business administrators and draftsmen is at hand for all civil engineering works, from building repairs and renovation through to new buildings and facilities. From conception to hand over, p2m berlin guarantees expert and reasonably priced assistance. This is also the case when p2m coordinates and integrates respective specialist areas such as mechanical engineering, building services engineering, electro and control technology and laboratory equipment.

p2m berlin has built up special knowledge in the area of conservation of historic monuments, under which a considerable portion of Berliner Wasserbetriebe facilities run.  The company has made a significant contribution to the study of conversion techniques allowing the successful development of new facilities to be linked to protected buildings.

Not least, experience and skills in the specific field of landscape architecture are indispensable when offering building clients a full range of services.


Design, management and control of buildings projects is undertaken

  • by experienced specialists in the areas of architecture, construction engineering, landscape planning and business management
  • with specialist knowledge of planning and management of service systems
  • using skills in providing solutions to the challenges of historic monument protection.

p2m berlin’s range of services comprises reliable and cost-effective solutions for homes, offices, schools, laboratories, car parks and complete wastewater treatment plants.


The p2m product spectrum in this area comprises:

Design and planning of buildings, external installations and extensions

  • feasibility studies, utilisation studies and general surveys
  • preliminary, lay-out and execution planning
  • preparation and participation in the awarding of contracts
  • supervision of construction
  • documentation

Project management and control

  • take-over of awarding authority tasks
  • integration and coordination of technical specialists in various areas
  • cost control
  • scheduling
  • planning of fund flows


  • surveys of current status and damage assessment
  • renovation concepts
  • conceptual studies for re-use

Urban development services

  • involvement in the production of plans for land use and construction
Construction and conversion of a
Berliner Wasserbetriebe depot using
no longer used parts of Berlin–
Wuhlheide waterworks, which stands
under a building conservation order