Sensitive and sympathetic landscape design

Landscape planning and architecture as offered by p2m berlin aims to pay equal attention to economic and ecological needs and aesthetic design criteria.  This comprehensive approach informs our objective of caring for and developing landscapes which conserve nature in the long term.

It is therefore one of the basic aims of our planning work to reconcile the financial and functional requirements of our clients with principles of careful use of natural resources. It has become apparent that ecological management such as the use of rainwater effects noticeable cost savings in facilities operations and thus optimises cost-effectiveness.

Our design experts’ skills also permit harmonious integration of technical installations with urban or rural features.  Not insignificantly, this achieves a contribution to the improvement in the quality of life.


Conserving landscapes

Using both the expertise and experience gleaned from landscape planning and surveying and p2m berlin’s landscape architects’ creative abilities, we convert ideas and projects for the conservation and formation of natural surroundings into reality.

On the basis of close collaboration with landscape architects, architects, civil engineers and draftsmen, p2m berlin offers a wide range of services. Projects are formulated and implemented covering arboriculture, reclamation and reconstruction of historical parklands to the completion of major building works.


Our range of services includes:

Structural surveys and analysis of conditions

  • Land surveys with ecological focus
  • Survey of planting and vegetation
  • Habitat mapping
  • Field mapping for utilisation opportunities
  • CAD applications for specialist questions
  • Production of thematic maps by automatic computer aided design

Landscape architecture, planning and surveys

  • Construction planning for external facilities in accordance with phases 1-9 of the Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers
  • Realisation of compensation measures within the framework of environmental assessment and planning
  • Engagement/compensation surveys
  • Land surveys with ecological focus
  • Concepts in relation to biotope and species protection
  • Protection, conservation and development concepts
  • Surveys on garden conservation
  • Involvement in the production of plans for land use and construction
  • Application and receipt of authority approvals and permits
  • Interior planting

In collaboration with the specialist areas buildings, infrastructure and engineering/consulting, there is a comprehensive design and implementation potential available within p2m berlin, represented by the ‘one-stop’ ideal.

Outdoor facilities of the seminar hotel
in Blossin near Berlin

Project reference (ca. 76 KB)

Expert report on the site of the inter-
mediate pumping station Berlin-Lichtenberg